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Gmail is also known as the Google Mail which is a free email service provided by the Google. It can be simply accessed on the web.  


Gmail was started as a limited beta release in 2004 and soon ended its testing phase in 2009. In starting Gmail had an initial storage capacity of 1 gigabyte per user but later on it increased to 15 gigabytes per user. Gmail has a user-friendly interface with a “conversation view” as similar to the Internet forum. Currently, One Billion users are using this Gmail Email System.

It provides a good range of features like “Filter”, “Personalization” options in it which give us the freedom to filter our emails into the category which we want and to modify it according to our need.  

Why Should You Use Gmail?  

Now let’s take a deeper look at the Gmail features and understand why are we using it. 

Provides plenty of storage

Gmail provides 15 GB of free storage per user which allows him to save all messages for any future assistance. It is also shared with Google+ Photos and Google Drive. Earlier only 1 GB storage was provided to the users of Gmail email system. 

Malware and Virus Checking features of Gmail

It is one of the best features of Gmail which provides us protection against malware and other viruses. Gmail keeps updating its anti-malware and anti-virus checkers constantly for providing us the most secure up-to-date protection possible. 

Whenever there are some unwanted activities on your account, Gmail gives you a warning regarding that. If anybody still wants assistance on this topic and want to call the Gmail support member then you can call the Gmail Customer Care Number. 

Provides Good Spam Filtering 

It has some excellent spam filtering which keeps us away from unwanted messages we don’t want to see. We never see those messages in our Inbox. This will keep us safe from third parties or hackers who want to steal our privacy for their own goods.

Simply Access Gmail features Using the Mail Menu 

For accessing this, simply click the “Mail” menu to access other Gmail features like Google Contacts.  This feature of Gmail tells us that why it is known to have a user-friendly interface and why we like it the most. There are features like this. If you want to know about all features of Gmail then you can contact the support team of Gmail. 

Using Default and Custom Labels Can Organize Your Inbox

Go to the left of the Inbox, there will be a list of labels which is similar to the list available from the “Labels” button. The main plus point of Gmail is that it comes with several default labels. You can also add custom labels.  We can have our own labels. 

If you will go through all these features mentioned above, you will come to know why everyone is using Gmail as their primary email address. Gmail is also used for business purpose nowadays. Go and quickly make your Gmail account, if not having a one! 

And if you have some trouble or issues with your Gmail account, you can contact us via our toll-free number  1-866-4915-552 or chat support.

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