Gmail FAQs

Gmail FAQs basically contains most commonly posted questions to the Gmail Help Forum. Everyone can get the solutions to their question here.  

 Gmail FAQs


Gmail FAQs simply stands for Gmail Frequently Asked Questions which covers all questions regarding Gmail Help and Support. Anyone can ask their questions related to any query about Gmail.  

If your question is not posted then you can try the following steps: 

  1. First search the Gmail Help Center where more topics are covered to check your query status.
  2. Search the Gmail Help Forum because most of the questions which you can think have already been asked there.
  3. After that, post your question in the Gmail Help Forum and describe your question carefully. Your questions will be easily posted in the forums.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers   Gmail FAQ


  1. How to get support and help?

Google Help Center is the best source of help for email product like Gmail Inbox or Google Apps. Google does not make use of any third party companies for any type of support. Blogs are written by experts and detailed information is mentioned by them about all products. 

Some Help Forums–  

Gmail: Gmail Help Forum 

Google Apps: Google Apps for Work Help Forum 

 2.   How to change Gmail account password?

For changing your Gmail password, log into the Gmail at and then go to Settings->Accounts->Change Account->Settings->Change Password. This will solve your problems. 

 3.   How to recover deleted messages?

This question’s answer is simply dependent on whether you have to recover the message less or more than 30 days.  After 30 days your all messages will be recovered immediately, you don’t need to do anything. If anybody is still having issues then they can directly contact the Gmail customer support team. They will provide you the required assistance. 

 4.  How to setup Send Mail As address in Gmail for your non-Google email account?

For doing this you must ask your provider for the SMTP Server name, port number and security setting they require to use. After that, enter that information in the set-up boxes.  

But if your other account is only a forwarding address and has no title to use an SMTP server then you cannot setup Send Mail as the address.

 5.   What to do when Google says I have violated the Term of Service. 


If you got a message that your account has been suspended or disabled and you feel it is a mistake, a link will appear under “Next steps for disabled accounts” where you can submit your appeal. This problem is mostly faced by all the Gmail users and they get irritated when this error is displayed on their screen. They can get their solution on the Google help forums or they can visit the Help center. Different Help centers are there and you can visit it anytime. 

Help Center: Google Term of Service 

Help Center: Google Program Policies 


These were some of the Gmail FAQs which provides support to the user regarding the Google products. If you require further assistance, then you can simply go through Gmail Support Forums. 

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