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Google provides different services which allow businesses to use its famous Gmail platform for business email.  

gmail for business customer service 

This service is provided through Google Apps which is a separate service from a general Google account. It allows businesses to use Gmail as their email program rather than that their email address comes to their business URL. This service also provides access to many of Google’s free tools without customization.   

Why should we use Gmail for Business Email   

  • Google’s Gmail has become very popular email system. The reason behind its popularity is its wide range of features, security, and portability. You can also create your unique domain name which will be similar to your email address.
  • Using this service, user’s business will automatically switch Google’s email servers, but with your own domain name in place of “”.
  • Gmail provides more options and more storage space than other email systems. It is simply an upgrade from the default email service.
  • If you want to know in detail about this service then our support team is available for providing you technical assistance related to it. You have to just dial the Gmail customer care number.

How to Set up a Business Gmail account 

 1.    First, you need to sign up for a Google Apps account to begin using Gmail for your business. It will start the whole process.

2.    Navigate to and enter your URL where it will ask for a domain name. Also, you can purchase it directly from Google.

3.    Then click the “Get Started” button accepts the terms over there. By accepting the whole terms and license you can move further and use your Gmail account.

4.    Once you have accepted the terms, Google will create a new Google Account with your domain name mentioned. Your domain will be registered by the name you have already submitted.

5. In the last step, it will redirect you to the page where you have to verify that you own the domain name. Then follow the given instructions. These instructions will help you in redirecting to the given page. 

How to access Gmail for Your Website 

  • After the setup is completed, Google Apps will give you a link which will give direct access to your website.
  • By signing in through a new Google Account link, you will be able to access Gmail for your organization. For accessing this account, open and enter your email address and password over there and click “Sign In”. Now you will be able to send and receive the email from your regular Gmail account.

It is an easy process if you go step-by-step through each process. You will not require assistance from others as all the steps are mentioned in a very easier way. All users will find Gmail to be friendly email system for use.  

Bottom Line

Gmail is one of the best email systems on which most of the users rely on their primary email address.  

If you are not having a Gmail account, it is the time for you to get one. 

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